Baby on Board

We took the Buena Vista out for a quick afternoon cruise with our good friends The Fleegels and it was a huge success. Even little William was able to make the sail thanks to his new life vest. 

It might not look like it, but he was having a good time. 

We set out from Sail Harbor a little after low tide and once we made it past the shallow waters of Turner Creek there was no stopping us this time. We had the sail up and the motor silent in no time and with John's previous sailing skills we were even able to keep up a respectable cursing speed. 

A Natural. 

By this point things were going so well that we decided to go ahead and have our picnic dinner while we were underway. That's unheard of for us because typically we are frantically pulling lines and trying not to run into anything by this point. We had a fine dinner of shrimps, salads, dips, and other delectables while underway. Now this is sailing! 

In addition to fine dining, this sail had some entertainment as well. We found a nice slow spot, tossed the anchor (successfully this time), and commenced to have some fun in the water. We also learned that the top of the cabin makes a great impromptu diving platform. 

By this point the sun was getting lower in the sky so it was time to make way back into the marina. We touched the dock just as the sun was falling being the marsh. 

This is what sailing is all about...

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