Short Sailing with Dolphins & the Forester's

The Forester's

One the day before Halloween we took the Buena Vista out for a cool, windy sail with our friends Evan and Morgan Forester. We pushed off the dock around 12:30 PM and only had about an hour to play until they had to make the looooooonnggg drive back to Atlanta. If you’ve even driven on I-16 in Georgia you know what I mean, it’s nothing but trees for miles.

Once in the open river Kristen and Evan got the main up pretty quickly. Due to the high winds we only put the main up which was more than enough canvas to get us moving. I would like to point out that Kristen is getting quite comfortable on the ol’ boat and that’s making me a very happy guy.

Once underway and everyone got comfortable the fun began. You need to know that Morgan and Evan keep up a blog of their own ( and to help with the blog they got a VERY nice camera and learned how to use it. After digging in his bag of tricks Evan started a photo shoot on the decks of the Buena Vista. While trying to keep the boat from heeling too far, I would look up and see the girls posing while Evan in some ever changing, awkward position snapping photos. The things you will see on a boat…

The ladies.
By the time the photo shoot started to wind down, we were sailing downriver toward the old, rundown condos that would be a perfect setting for a horror movie. About that time the dolphins showed up, and by “showed up” I mean that they were everywhere. I think they were feeding as the tide was pushing the bait out of the river, but it was awesome. They were on all sides of the boat and as close as 10-15 yards. The water loving mammals put on a great show and everyone loved it. I guess I’m running a dolphin tour boat now?? (“That will be $29.50 per ticket please.”)To make it more entertaining Kristen was given the camera and she took pictures of EVERYTHING like Dolphins, me, Morgan, Evan, the boat, Paula’s house, the sky, birds, blah, blah, blah…

A pro
After all of that excitement it was time to head back so the Forester’s could make the trip back before too late. I hope to get some of the pictures from their camera because once I got home I discovered that I forgot to chance the settings on my camera and all of the pictures were off color (Irony?).

Overall it was a fun trip, but short. This was a cold and windy October day, it helped to set the reality that the 2011 sailing season is almost over, but not yet!

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