Sailing for My Birthday.

I still hate that motor.

It’s been a while since the last post, but the Buena Vista was not done for the year. The day after my birthday (December 18th) we were able to take her out for a quick “sail” to celebrate both my day of birth and what will probably be the last outing of the year. This time the crew consisted of me, Krsiten, Grant, and his better half Alice.

Yes, they are matching and we did make fun of them.
First, it needs to be pointed out that the guys at Sail Harbor must have felt bad for us because they finally moved our spot from deep within the bowels of the docks to a great spot near the open water. I guess they wanted to minimize their risks and insurance claims, but who cares. Now that we have the better spot we were able to make it to open water without any issues and start sailing, but the only thing was that where was NO wind. By “NO” I mean zero/nada/<1, so we were stuck to motoring.

At least we can look like we’re sailing

We stayed out for a while watching birds, getting extremely close to dolphins (Grant wanted to try and ram them), and stalking the ever popular Paula Deen house (For fun, Paula Deen Riding Things -> Once we had our fill it was time to give up on sailing and head back into port for the day.

She at least looks like we’re sailing.
Overall it was just great to be back on the water and I could not have asked for a better end to a birthday weekend. For now the Buena Vista is still in the water, but with the cold weather coming I don’t know for how long.

Good Times,

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