The Back Story - Time, Money, and Skill

Who knows where this ol' boat came from maybe heaven, maybe hell, or maybe somewhere in between.

We ran into her years and years ago when my brother (Charlie) bought it from a guy who let her get very run down. He worked on her off and on for a while and we all thought that she would hit the water under him, but that's not what the boat had in mind. After sometime my father (Mike) got the boat from my brother and she sat in the yard providing shade for dogs to nap. We all had a feeling she would rot there. On a faithful day he started working on her, his plan was to get her into the water by the end of the year or donate the whole thing to charity.

He lived up to our family motto which is,"to undertake and preserve."

After working more man hours than it took to build the pyramids and spending what seemed like more than I make in a year at West Marine, Catalina Direct, Wal-Mart, Bass Pro, and Food Lion (you get hungry) we were almost ready to get her to the water. To his credit, my father is extremely gifted with his hands because the boat looks and feels wonderful. It also helps that he keeps a nuclear power plan running for a job, so "overkill" is NOT in this man's dictionary. I'm pretty sure this boat could outlast China's newest aircraft carrier if needed. Good work Pop.

Here's a picture of him on a popsicle break...

This list is too long to host on this site, but here's an idea of what she's had done. I wish I had some pictures, but no dice.
  • New bottom paint
  • New top paint
  • New side striping/paint
  • Fully rewired (I mean FULLY)
  • All of the teak has been sanded, refinished, and polished
  • Keel restoration (taken down, sanded, refilled, and painted)
  • All of the cushions have been replaced and recovered
  • All new lines and rigging (except the sails for now)
  • Kicker motor rebuild and tuned
  • Cleaned and waxed

Good Times,

- Jake

Location:Lyons, Ga

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