Boats are a lot of Work

Even tough I'm still recovering from almost becoming a zombie, I still want to be on the boat.

I've driven all of my friends crazy (and my wife) taking about sailing. Being limited to what I can do, I've been keeping busy researching everything I can on sailing, defending against pirates, Catalina's, and anything else remotely close to the ocean. I even downloaded The Oldman and the Sea.

The first step was to get organized, one morning my mind would not let me sleep anymore due to this in my head...

The biggest thing on the list was to take inventory of what we do and don't have onboard. Needless to say there is a lot in the "do not have" column. After spending another small fortune at West Marine (the guy there knows me by name now which is not good) we were looking better and I had my hands full.
That's my style of organization. Lists clearly show what needs to be done now, what needs to be done, needed items now, wanted items, and everything else. I am my father's son.

So this is where all of my money goes now...

Now that we had of the needed parts, tools, and knowhow it was time to get to work. I spent the week organizing everything (only to reorganize it again) and keeping busy doing little things to get us ready. I've fixed the bent/broken parts from the mast hoisting escapade, filled holes, installed parts, cleaned (it never ends?), and I've stated to feel right at home on the little boat. The biggest push was from my friend Grant coming down to help for a while, he's quickly taking the lead in the competition to become first mate onboard.

Here's a pick of Grant being awesome on another boating adventure for you to enjoy.

For now it's back to work for the week. She still has not left the dock, but soon she will hit the open sea. For now I'm staying busy keeping the rains (or monsoons) from sinking her from underneath me.

I think I'm going to need more silicone, there's another West Marine trip...

Good Times,

- Jake

Location:Sail Harbor Marina - Savannah, GA

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