The Maiden Voyage - Floating with Style

On September 10th, 2011 the Buena Vista cast off for the first time. The crew was myself, Kristen, and our coach Courtney.

Things started out well enough, at the docks someone decided that it would be fun to wedge the Buena Vista between two very large (and expensive) looking yachts. All we could think about was not causing any damages which would quickly put an end to or fun. Once clear of the docks, boats, crab traps, sand bars, and everything else hazardous to our well being we made it to a safe area to kill the engines and start some "sailing."

Headed out...

The Buena Vista was and is in great shape. We got the main up in no time and started trying to catch the wind which is where my expertise goes down to zero/nada/none. The wind was blowing almost directly upriver so we had a tough time getting the much desired forward movement in the direction we wanted to go (which Kristen determined was Paula Deen's house). After some playing around with the trimming of the sails, some iPhone research, and some cursing of the wind we were still not moving forward, but at least we were floating with style! Haven given up on trying to go into the wind via tacking (nautical term = sweet) we did successfully sail downwind and via other points of sail.

This is awesome, I am Captain Ron...

After sailing downwind for a while we started to get concerned about the depth so we motored (lame, I know) back up river. This is when we got the great idea to try to attach the jib and see what she could really do. The good news is that we got the "jib" up. The bad news is that instead of being a jib, the sail we housed was not a jib at all and the jury is still out on exactly what type of sail it is. Once we got this "thing" hauled back in we did find the correct jib only to discover that the clips were too corroded to work. Great, there's another trip to West Marine.

Yeah, that's not gonna to work.

By now is was getting a little later in the afternoon and we all had another place to be so it was time to head back into the marina. Kristen took us most of the way back in and I just happen to have a cool photo of her in action at the tiller.

I'm a lucky guy!

Overall the day was a great success, we learned a lot about sailing (or floating in our case) and we all had a blast. The ol' gal held up well and we only need a few parts/replacements to be back in business which is better than I expected considering she has not be in the water in ages. I'll be at West Marine when they open in the morning so we can go at it again.

As far as sailing, I'm hooked. I can't wait to go back out for round two with the wind tomorrow.

Good Times,

- Jake

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